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Yaxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in mobile communication antenna and feeding system product development, production and marketing, based in vibrant Yangtze River Delta region of China ---- Rugao Port Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. It has two production bases located in Jingjiang and Rugao. Formed base station antennas, RF components, accessories, indoor coverage system and camouflage antennas five business units.

Yaxin has strong technology development strength, their subordinates "Nantong RF base station antennas Engineering Research Center" has numerous R&D talents, equipped with advanced far-field test system, a number of test chambers and a full set of test equipment. A number of technologies and products obtained national invention patents and utility model patents. Always adhere to customer demand-oriented, and actively explore new areas of research; can provide customers with special requirements of the new antenna and accessories.

Yaxin formed an annual output of 200,000 various sets of base station antenna production capacity. We pay attention to improve operational skills of staff through continuous technical training. Yaxin introduced IM, VSWR, isolation and other electrical performance testing points in the production process. We insist on the overall electrical properties test for every product. It ensures the product life of 15 years or more. Under perennial exposure to harsh environmental conditions the products remain an excellent performance.

Yaxin passed the ISO9000 and ISO14000 quality and environmental management system certification. We pursue the advanced international standards, meeting customer needs, complying with environmental regulations and promoting clean production. As China's mobile communication base station antenna industry pioneer since 2001, the products have received large-scale commercial application among China operators, and are exported to dozens of countries and regions worldwide. Yaxin has established the service organizations covering the whole country and some areas of the world to provide customers a full range of products and services!关于我们

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