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Accelerate economic integration in the global information age coming today, dedicated towards the world, and create the future of AsiaInfo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., to bringing in all the mind, indomitable courage, and explore the road ... ... AsiaInfo Electronics ……

Persistence, is the cornerstone of our business. The pace of success at each step, we are creating for themselves the value embodied in the inspired. Adhere to a rigid, we continue to progress ... ...

Company tenet: customer is God, quality is life. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of the goal; continuous innovation, pioneering spirit, emphasis on science and technology, talented people is a source of strength for the company forward.

We are willing to provide our customers with service, technical cooperation, hand in hand, let us create a better future!

We will be creative and relentless pursuit of first-class technology, excellent quality, and constantly develop new products, satisfy customer and market demand.

Excellent team is our business to protect. AsiaInfo electronics development, inseparable from each employee's hard work and dedication paid, we are very fortunate to have such a team composed of our AsiaInfo electronics, we are very confident that our excellent team AsiaInfo electronic continuously make Zhezhi growth.

Customer first, credit first, service is our eternal aim. Expand the product range, opening up the market, is the basis for the development of the company's survival, welcomed the development of new and old customers to sample.

AsiaInfo electronic site established closer you are my distance. Your needs is our pursuit; your care is our driving force. Put your hand with my hand on top of each, AsiaInfo electronic will create the future!

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