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Please contact the local sales center before installation. We will provide engineering installation supervision services for 1 to 2 typical base stations for free.
Free installation supervision conditions:
1. Purchase the AsiaInfo antenna and it has arrived.
2. The base station to be installed at the identified location has construction conditions.
2. Have a confirmed contact with your project and guide the project supervisor.
If the conditions for free installation supervision are not met, the installation supervision will be implemented.
We have a team of professional instructors composed of experts, professors and senior engineers. We can provide free antenna technology, antenna selection consultation and technical exchange before the sale. As part of the after-sales service, we can give free lectures every year or The form of the seminar provides you with professional training in antenna basic theory and engineering applications. You can choose to listen to your own needs.
For every 100 base stations selected by AsiaInfo antenna, you can send 2~3 people to the site for inspection and technical exchange. The expenses are provided by our company. The specific time and content can be agreed according to your needs.
The technical exchanges are as follows:
1. Basic principle of base station antenna.
2. Typical mobile base station antenna technical indicators.
3. Antenna system testing.
4. General selection principle of base station antennas.
5. Installation specifications for the base station antenna feeder system.
6. Basic knowledge of repeater and indoor distribution.
7, AsiaInfo special antenna performance.
8, the use of antennas and cases.
We will use our own research and development advantages, combined with the needs of our customers, to introduce 10-15 new products with their own intellectual property rights, high technical content and applicability.
After the installation of the product for half a year, our company will organize technicians to use the product, and conduct random product inspections at a rate of 5%.
The sampling inspection team consists of experts such as antenna engineers and installation technicians. It conducts on-site testing and troubleshooting according to the base station provided by the customer, solves the problems in use, and provides solutions to other problems raised by customers.

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