Service Policy

Customer satisfaction service
1, the antenna as a whole for one year, warranty for three years, lifetime maintenance;
2. Free technical consultation, technical exchange, training, and selection;
3. Sampling of product usage;
4. Regular customer return visits;
5, the customer service center at any time to listen to your call, provide 7 × 24 after-sales technical support, that is, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and provide a solution to the user free of charge within 2 hours after the failure.
Service line: 0513-68163000
Warranty policy
Users who purchase GSM/CDMA base station antennas can enjoy the one-year warranty of the antenna provided by our company from the date of invoice, and the three-year free warranty policy except the radome.
Free warranty replacement conditions:
1. Can provide proof of purchase;
2. During the warranty or warranty period;
3. Failure caused by non-human or other equipment;
The transportation expenses incurred for the replacement of the goods shall be shared by both parties; the user shall bear the transportation expenses for transporting the damaged products, and Xi'an Haitian shall bear the transportation expenses for the transportation of the new products.

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